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Baku BK-5500 Cleaning Agent 530 for LCD Screens and Refurbishing


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1.Spray at about 20-30cm away from the matter which need to be treated ,you can connect a spray pipette if you want to apray to the inside small hole of the matter.

2.Spray vertical,do not invert to use it.


1.Cleaning all stains,gease and other obstinate dirt quickly

2.Specially apply for cleaning the antirust gease of the tool mould or other surface of metals

3.Volatilize completely,no residual,no corrode to the surface of metals

4.No poison ,no badly stimulate smell,harmless


1.Flammales,keep far away from high temperatures and flames when spraying,no smoking

2.Ensure adequate ventilation,do not strike it or put it in a place with an ambient temperature 50°C(120F)

3.Do not expose it to strong light,do not punch it or throw it into fire,do not drink it,keep away from children

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